Experience gained over time.

A message from our Founder.

My name is Stephanie Guilloux, I have been working with medical professionals for the past 20 years. My responsibilities have included helping medical professionals to manage their daily workloads and their busy practices. Having spent many years following GP’s and other medical professionals in their day-to-day activities I analyzed their needs in terms of: secretarial services and accounting and working with them, we built solutions to solve some of ongoing challenges running busy medical practices.

To address these needs, I set up a new type of medical centre concept. Within a short period of time I opened three medicals centres in one in France, one in Luxembourg and most recently in Dublin. At the same time, I set up our Medical Call Centre.

Each day, our professional secretaries manage the daily schedule for doctors and respond to over 300 patient related calls on behalf of health professional using our Health Centres. Our dynamic call centre team is trained in line with all the experience that I acquired from the doctors, surgeons and specialists across Europe.

ISICALL MEDICAL is a new service that combines the experience and benefits of all these years of my skills. So, we offer an professional and a personalizing medical call centre service, adapted for you.